Our reactor windings consist of numerous aluminum or copper conductors connected in parallel.These conductors can be insulated single wires, insulated cables or alumininum profiles separated by fiberglass spacers. The cost-effective Solution to be selected, in terms of dimensions and conductor type to be used in each design, depends on the required ratings for the equipment.For encapsulated design, the conductors are mechanically immobilized and Encapsulated by epoxy impregnated fiberglass filaments forming cylinders. Depending on the reactor ratings, one or more of these cylinders are connected in parallel between aluminum or copper spiders. The individual cylinders are separated by fiberglass spacers forming cooling Ducts. F+155 C & H-180 C Class.


  • Specification : 50Hz
  • Rating : 75/100/150 Kvar
  • Voltage : 3.3/3.6/6.6/7.2/12/22/33 KV
  • Application : Detuned/Tuned harmonic fillter