Calculator for HT Electricity Consumers


Input Section

  Maximum Load (kW)

Existing Power Factor (Lag) cos Ø 1    

Desired Power Factor (Lag) cos Ø 2     

Operating Voltage

  Press Calculate Button after filling data in Input Section

Output Section

MD at existing P.F. (kVA)

MD at improved P.F. (kVA)

Saving in MD (kVA)

KVAr at existing P.F. (kVAr)

KVAr at improved P.F. (kVAr)

KVAr required (kVAr)

Load Current at existing P.F. (Amps)

Load Current at improved P.F. (Amps)

Reduction in Load Current (Amps)

 note : cos Ø 1 and cos Ø 2 must be more than zero, less than one